• Useful sentences : Stating and sturucturing a presentation

    INTRODUCING YOURSELF On behalf of Alpha Advertising, I'd like to welcome you. My name's Marc Hayward. Hi, everyone, I'm Marc Hayward. Good to see you all. INTRODUCING THE TOPIC I'm going to tell you a

  • Vocabulary of Grammer

    In japan, we study about english grammer in japanese. Of course, here, we study english grammer in english. Therefore japanese know grammer but we don't understand lesson at the first. 【9 part of spee

  • infinitive vs gerund

    【to inf】 want expect try hope promise *learn *heed (listen to) plan *refuse *offer agree *arrange manage fail afford *deserve ask decide wonder understand know explain undertake 【-ing】 enjoy stop quit

  • Idioms

    Food & Restaurant go Dutch = split the bil ⇔pick up the tab = pay for the bill  It's on me. It's my treat. pickey earter = choosy messy earter pig out = to eat until you are stuffed I could eat a hors

  • Useful sentences: getting informaton on the cellphone

    SAYING WHO YOU ARE Good morning, my name's Lisa Mann. Hello, Ben speaking. ※This is (name), I am (name) →informal  ★It is (name)がベター!(部署名等を名乗る時はThis isでもいい)★ STARTING YOUR PURPOSE I'm calling about...

  • Useful sentences : Socialising (Introductions and networking)

    GREETINGS Hello,... . Great to see you again. Hi,... . How are you? How's everything going? RESPONDING Fine, Thanks. Not too bad, thanks. Pleased to meet you. INTRODUCING YOURSELF I'm from .../ I'm wi


    I put together how to use 'if'. Because 'If' is useful word, but I am confused everytime I want to use 'if'. TYPE ZERO: FACTUAL If it rains, the road gets wet. TYPE ONE: FUTURE POSSIBOLITY If I win th

  • Useful sentences : Managing meetings

    STARTING OK, let's get down to business. Right, can we start, please? SETTING OBJECTIVES The purpose of this meeting is ... The aims of this meeting are... ASKING FOR REACTIONS How do you feel about..

  • Useful sentences : Telephoning (Making arrangement)

    ANSWERING THE PHONE Hello, Carla Rodriguez speaking. Good morning. Tiger Ltd. MAKING CONTACT I'd like to speak to Martin Krause, please. Could I have the sales department, please? INDENTIFYING YOURSEL

  • Useful Sentences : Taking part in meetings

    ASKING FOR OPINIONS How do you feel about that? What do you think? What's your veiw? GIVING OPINIONS I think / I don't think That's a good idea. In my opinion, we need new products. AGREEING That's tr

  • One Direction / Drag me down

    こんにちは!! 今回は、メンバー一人が脱退や活動休止騒動で話題のOne Directionの「Drag me down」を紹介します!!! *重複している歌詞は訳を飛ばしてます!  *訳でおかしなところがあったらすみません。   *最後に文法事項を紹介しています! I've got fire for a heart  I'm not scared of the dark 僕の心には炎が灯っている

  • What do you mean? / Justin Bieber

    今回は、世界中でヒットまたこの間ミュージックステーションに出演し話題となったJustin Bieberさんの「What do you mean?」をつかって、勉強したいと思います!! *重複している歌詞は訳を飛ばしてます! *訳でおかしなところがあったらすみません。 *最後に文法事項を紹介しています! それでは、行きましょう!!!! What do you mean? Oooh どういう意味なの?

  • English

    ウッス!! @トミーでやんす(=゜ω゜)ノ 本日、塾の先生に関係代名詞を教えて貰いました。 いや〜めんどいねww あまりにめんどくさ過ぎてこんな文つくっちったよ↓ (見やすくするため、単語の初めは大文字に、関係代名詞のwhoが来るたびに改行します。打ちミスじゃないよww) I Like Risa Who Like Tom Who Like Mei Who Like Me . (訳) 私は、私を好き