Deep Kansai Special Tour | 阪本研究所 SK laboratory

Another website, "JAPAN LIFE Kansai" of SK laboratory will not only offer various information related to Japan, but also arrange and provide you special deep tour according to your particular requirements related to Kansai.For example, if you interest in Japanese Sake, we will provide you with Kiki-sake tour (tasting Sake tour) by our staff who has its licence and will give you Diploma of  the Kiki-sake after you attended the Sake seminar enjoyed eating and sightseeing in Kansai area.Or, if you want to get the deep information about  unusual shine, temple, ancient tomb like special places which are not mentioned normal website or books for your own interests, research, study, we will arrange special tour with our experts for you. Please visit our website :    The representative of SK laboratory will directly respond to all your questions and requests.Please feel free to email